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Michael (Mike) C. Caskey - Advisor

Michael (Mike) C. Caskey is a retired oil and gas executive with more than 37 years of experience in all states west of the Mississippi and Canada. His experience includes lease position acquisition, operations management, Senate subcommittee testimony on behalf of industry and his company, budget preparation, presentations and implementation, producing property acquisition, identification and analysis, negotiation of standard industry contracts as well as monetary consideration and associated contracts relating to producing property acquisition and partnership relationships. In his position as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for Fidelity Exploration and Production Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of MDU Resources Group, from which he retired in November of 2009, Mr. Caskey managed and directed the day to day operations of all departments in the company's Denver headquarters. During Mr. Caskey's tenure with Fidelity, the company grew from a small non-operating investment group having a book value of roughly $20 million to an aggressive, active oil and gas exploration and production operating company employing nearly 200 employees, having a book value of nearly $1.7 billion and which contributed up to 54% of MDU's annual earnings in recent years. Fidelity operates exploratory and producing properties in Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, South Dakota and North Dakota. Mr. Caskey has agreed to join the CDC group on a consulting basis where application of his expertise and oil and gas industry contacts will help us identify, analyze and eventually acquire projects.






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