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How CDC Protects Your Privacy

At CDC, we recognize the trust you place in us when you disclose personal and corporate information. Maintaining that trust by ensuring that your information is secure is core to our business.

Our professional associates work diligently with information technology and security management to maintain your privacy. From technological safeguards to employee policies and operating procedures, we maintain constant vigilance where your privacy is concerned.

Technological Security
Our technological systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for signs of tampering or unauthorized activity. We employ firewall and antivirus technology as well as specialized programs to prevent and detect intrusion. We also maintain strict controls to limit and monitor employee access to the systems.

Employee Training
Our employee policies emphasize the importance of preserving confidentiality. Newly hired associates receive an employee handbook that provides comprehensive information about our privacy policies and procedures, together with security-awareness training. In addition, all employees must attend regular training sessions on ethics and security. Our regulatory compliance specialists ensure that we meet federal requirements to preserve clients’ privacy.

Business Continuity
Our business continuity plan focuses on preparing for potential business disruptions due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters. Its goal is to ensure that critical operations continue and data remains secure during emergencies. The plan addresses emergency functions such as data retention, backup procedures and off-site information storage. See the Business Continuity Planning page for more information.

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